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Explore the most essential technologies in today's quickly changing world and review new revolutionary concepts that are radically changing our future.



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Digital X Human

Dive into Digital X Human through keynotes, presentations, workshops and industry deep dives, we explore how tech is augmenting the workforce, reshaping our lives and amplifying our potential alongside insight on how to navigate ethical implications for a sustainable future.

  • Identify benefits, risks, and new opportunities for innovation and growth that arise from the convergence of technology and people
  • Foster a culture where tech enhances people skills, addressing skills gaps, wellbeing
  • Start thinking about augmenting your experience and incorporating technologies into your role
  • Find pioneering new products and concepts that are pushing the boundaries of innovation
  • Grasp the ethical and societal stakes of new tech to ensure a sustainable, inclusive future for all

Content Stages

Digital X Human Stage Banner

Ready to level up your skillset? Discover how to blend new technologies seamlessly into your role while balancing human intuition with AI magic. Uncover leadership qualities and skills essential for fostering innovation, steering teams during transformation journeys, and unlock the full potential of people and technology.

Tech X Strategy Stage Banner

Nitty gritty, real skill-based learning to integrate and evolve technology in business strategies, leveraging automation, digitalisation, and data insights to enhance key priorities, optimise costs, and manage future tech investments. Ensure you're poised for sustainable growth in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

People X Leadership Stage Banner

The WorkForce stage focuses on the human side of business now and in the future. Here, we'll highlight workforce strategies, share insightful and inspirational stories to encourage you to show up authentically, and provide a platform for the leaders who inspire the next generation. We will celebrate the resilience and people skills within us that helps us grow within our role and our organisation.

Artifical Intelligence

AI is all the rage and we're surrounded by it from our office to our private lives so we naturally curated an entire programme to ensure you are always on the front foot of AI. Be ready to learn about automating processes, boosting efficiency, ensuring safety. Get tons of practical, hands-on insight alongside policies, trends and initiatives for future readiness.


As the backbone of today's digital landscape, information technology plays a key role in shaping the future of industries. Explore the emerging trends and advancements that are revolutionising the IT landscape. From cloud computing and cybersecurity to data analytics and architecture, attendees will learn how to keep pace with the ever-evolving world of IT.


The software revolution is here, with 2024 being a pivotal year for software developers. Why? Tech advancement is exponential and there's so much to stay up to date with. From cloud solutions, Web3 to AI. The 'Software' stage explores not just the challenges, but the necessary strategies and skills needed to thrive.



Premium ticket holders have access to over 70 workshops, offering unparalleled opportunities to delve into both soft and technical topics within an intimate and engaging setting. Hone your skills through hands-on activities and interactive experiences, crafted by our expert speakers.