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Meet your business and diversity & inclusion goals through sponsorship opportunities
and experiences, while building your talent pipeline.

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Be Known as a Diversity Champion

Women of Silicon Roundabout is the perfect place for you to get your brand seen and your message heard by 5,000+ tech pioneers and industry titans.

Whether you want to demonstrate your commitment to diversity and inclusion, gain access to an unparalleled pool of talent or be known as a champion for women in technology, this is the perfect platform to do it.

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Why sponsor Women of Silicon Roundabout 2024?


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Champion Women in Tech

Gain a competitive edge in the talent market and show that you’re serious about diversity and inclusion. Position your organisation as an employer of choice to an audience of leading women in tech.

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Attract & Retain Top Talent

Gain access to an unparalleled pool of experienced talent to help meet your recruitment needs
in one place. Show your employees that you care about the cause at hand, while supporting their professional development.

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Stand out in the Tech Industry

Be known as a champion for diversity and inclusion and align your company with the industry’s iconic brands. Position your company at the forefront of the industry showcasing your innovations and expertise to 1000s of leading women in tech.

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Showcase Your Solutions

Promote your products and services to an audience of mid and senior level tech professionals generating 100s of qualified sales leads. Demonstrate to your target market that you’re a diversity-focused business and drive awareness of your brand.

Previous Sponsors Include:

Apple AstraZeneca BlackRock BP
Expedia Group Google Hired Just Eat Takeaway
KPMG Meta Sky The Trade Desk

What your peers say about us

  • Flawless organisation, wonderful speakers and audience, and an honourable mission!
    Analytics Manager
  • Motivational, inspirational, aspirational and empowering
    Customer Success Manager
  • A must attend for all women in Tech! 10/10
    Principal Program Manager
  • Being a female in the tech industry and how they can relate – that’s one of the biggest things that has drawn me especially to wanting come to this event
    Operations Director
  • An inspiring, insightful and personally transformative experience!
    Senior UX
  • Meeting all different types of people I think there’s people from all different companies backgrounds, experience
    Head of Project Management
    Trayport Limited
  • An exhilarating, inspiring, motivating, mind-stretching and thinking out of the box experience!
    ABB Group
  • The more people I’ve been speaking to, the more you’re like “I’m not really alone”
    Technical Engineer
    Options IT
  • The people I’ve met on the stands have been really engaging and I really like the agenda…
    Programme Manager