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Session Overview

Using a popular library called Reveal.js, we can create slide desks with React. This presentation (about making presentations!) will include the basics of setting up and using the Reveal.js framework and the ways in which you can incorporate all your possible existing knowledge like React, CSS, animations and more. We’ll also talk through the pros and cons of writing your talks this way!

Just like code can be re-used, so can slides created with code! Once set-up, slides can be made quickly and accessibly for your audience.

Session Key Takeaways:

  • How to set-up and use the Reveal.js framework
  • A demonstration of some features of the framework
  • Overview of the pros and cons of creating presentations this way

This is for you if…You have a working knowledge of HTML (React knowledge is a bonus, but not required) and to see some cool ways you can use it!

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This session is for you if…

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