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Explore the most essential technologies in today's quickly changing world and review new revolutionary concepts that are radically changing our future.

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Diving into the New Frontier

Through Keynotes, presentations, workshops and industry deep dives, we’ll explore how tech is stepping into the forefront of how we think about strategies. Alongside key trends and frontier concepts that are redefining modern business and workforces.

  • Trailblazing ideas that are building agile and adaptable organisations
  • Cutting edge technologies that are tackling societies pressing challenges
  • Pioneering new products and concepts that are pushing the boundaries of innovation

Content Tracks

Future Impact

Get inspired and think big! The future impact stage brings the best in industry to generate a shift in thinking for all. Discuss what the future looks like & immerse yourself in progressive ideas, futuristic conceptions of technology adoption and implementation.


Get a plan together! Focussed on new people, process and technology concepts, this stage will house discussions on ways to evolve current ways of working. Designed to help attendees future proof and be successful in new and shifting environments.


Get going and implement! Focussed on providing you with the practical insight you need to put your plan into action, this stage will house, use cases, how-to sessions and metric based learning opportunities you can apply in your role the next day.

The Exhibition Quarters

Finance & Fintech

The UK's FinTech revolution is surging, driven by innovation, investment, regulation, and talent. Embrace the future of the financial services and the technologies that are reshaping banking, payments and lending. Connect with industry leaders, visionary start-ups, and disruptors to navigate the rapidly changing world of finance.


From cloud services, to Web.3, containers and AI, dig into the key trends that are transforming the software developer experience in 2023. As we step into the new frontier, discover how to keep up with customer demand, pursue digital transformation and sharpen your skillsets.


As the backbone of today's digital landscape, information technology plays a key role in shaping the future of industries. Explore the emerging trends and advancements that are revolutionizing the IT landscape. From cloud computing and cybersecurity to data analytics and AI-driven automation, keep pace with the ever-evolving world of IT.


Immerse yourself in the cutting-edge technologies that have the potential to transform industries, economies, and societies. From healthcare to climate tech, dive into the world of tomorrow. Witness the power of frontier technologies first-hand through interactive demonstrations, showcasing practical applications and the potential impact of these innovations.


Premium ticket holders have access to over 66 workshops, offering unparalleled opportunities to delve into both soft and technical topics within an intimate and engaging setting. Hone your skills through hands-on activities and interactive experiences, crafted by our expert speakers.

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Meet the first speakers to join the line-up

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Shubhi Rajnish

Chief Information Officer, National Grid

Diana Kennedy

Chief Technical Officer, Bupa

Anne Carrigy

Chief Information Officer, Logitech

Gillian Tomlinson

Group Chief Data Officer, The Weir Group PLC

Anna Brailsford

CEO & Co-Founder, Code First Girls

Kanika Chaganty

Chief Data Officer, Brit Insurance

Katya Denike

Chief Product Officer, Holland & Barret

Janine Hirt

Chief Executive Officer, Innovate Finance

Jane Austin

Chief Experience Officer, Digitas UK

Leigh-Ann Russell

EVP Innovation & Engineering, bp

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