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Snezhana Chaykina is Software Development Manager/Site Engineering Manager in Thomas Cook (UK). With over 13 years of experience across the IT industry, her recent role is leading multiple distributed teams to build and maintain the platform which offers holidays in popular spots around the globe to millions of customers.

Snezhana manages and mentors developers, shaping roadmaps, assessing and improving skills, driving quality and maintaining security across dozens of interconnected services. She ensures the teams continually improve and deliver on roadmap commitments, influences culture, facilitates technical delivery, and works with the teams on strategy and execution.

She is a founder of Experts in Tech, a non profit IT community that gathers tech people with diverse skillsets and background who want to make the difference for their industry. This platform focuses on four main streams: IT mentoring program that aims to provide volunteer coaching from highly experienced IT professionals to develop leadership and management skills for high-potential leaders; Regular online/offline meetups for IT managers during which the organiser is sharing people management techniques and the participants work together to resolve practical cases in IT; apart from that the website lists IT jobs and professional meetups and conferences.

Past initiatives: Contributed into development of digital transformation in the company. Defined and implemented new structure and ways of working based on Spotify Tribe model to improve efficiency, and deliver technological value in flexible and scalable way. Changed the culture by breaking silos between developers, QAs and DevOps, putting the customers and values delivered at the heart of the development practices.
She was also a co-founder of the IT outsourcing company.

She has relocated to the United Kingdom in April 2022 in result of the Russian-Ukrainian war and is keen to contribute to the UK IT industry to make UK a global tech superpower

Speaker Sessions


Leading Through Crisis: Mainting Productivity In Stressful Situations

30 mins
  • Career Development
  • HR/DEI
  • Leadership
  • Snizhana Chaikina

    Software Development Manager

    Thomas Cook

Many people experience stress in their roles and IT is no exception to the rule. Tough deadlines, projects to be delivered “yesterday”, release rollbacks and unstable environments or the very nature of your role can cause stress. But what if you woke up in a country at war and you need to manage your high performing IT teams so that business continues as usual and the client is still happy?

You’ll hear a personal story of adapting to a war in Ukraine, waking up in Kyiv under the bomb attacks, keeping the teams stable and performing so that our business was able to successfully continue as usual, which was the biggest challenge for everyone.

Session Key Takeaways:

  • How to handle stressful situations at work
  • How to communicate effectively with your team
  • How to build a better level of trust and manage your teams under pressure

This session is for you if… you are an IT manager who wants to learn how to keep the balance and remain a calm leader.

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