Sian Wilson

Executive Director- Commercial

The Skills Network

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How To Diversify Your Talent Pool

60 mins
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  • Sian Wilson

    Executive Director- Commercial

    The Skills Network

Tired of hearing about the skills gaps and underrepresentation in tech without getting to the solution. We’re putting the spotlight on concrete solutions that businesses can harness. From government-backed gateways to innovative approaches in skill development, let’s chart a path to a brighter, more inclusive tech landscape.

Session Key Takeaways:

  • Tapping into Untapped Resources: Understand how government-backed initiatives and programs can serve as invaluable channels to widen and diversify your talent search
  • Innovative Skill Development: Explore cutting-edge methodologies and strategies for nurturing and upskilling talent, ensuring your team is equipped for the tech world’s evolving demands
  • Building an Inclusive Strategy: Learn actionable steps and best practices to create a recruitment and retention strategy that prioritises diversity, fostering a richer, more resilient tech ecosystem

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