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Nina Tatsiy

Nina Tatsiy

Chief Information Officer, BAT

Introducing Nina a highly regarded Regional and Group Chief Information Officer (CIO) known for commercial acumen and a progressive leadership trajectory with global impact. With a proven track record in strategy development, digital transformation, and solution delivery on both regional and global scales, Nina brings invaluable expertise to the table.

With extensive experience managing high-profile program portfolios, some exceeding £200M, and leading multicultural teams of up to 250 individuals, Nina thrives in complex stakeholder environments. Collaboration, negotiation, and influence are central to Nina‘s approach, ensuring seamless planning, execution, and delivery of strategic initiatives across regions.

As a dynamic leader, Nina inspires teams to excel, consistently achieving on-time and within-budget results. Grounded in world-class professional principles, Nina combines technical prowess with operational finesse and a keen understanding of financial dynamics to drive success.