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Senior Director George Technology - ASDA

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Michelle Howchin is a visionary leader and accomplished technology professional, currently serving as the Senior Director of George Technology at Asda, one of the UK’s leading supermarket retailers. With an extensive background in retail technology and digital transformation, Michelle has been a driving force behind the innovative strategies and solutions that have helped propel Asda’s George clothing and home line to new heights.

In 2017, Michelle joined Asda as the Senior Director of George Technology, taking on the critical role of overseeing technology initiatives and digital strategies for the brand. Under her guidance, Asda’s George division has embraced cutting-edge technologies and data-driven solutions, resulting in improved operational efficiency, customer experience, and overall business performance. Michelle’s leadership has played a pivotal role in integrating seamless omnichannel experiences, implementing AI-powered inventory management systems, and driving mobile app innovations for the brand.

A staunch advocate for diversity and inclusion, Michelle is committed to fostering an equitable work environment within the tech industry. She actively participates in mentorship programs and supports initiatives aimed at promoting women and underrepresented minorities in technology leadership roles.

Speaker Sessions


Unlock The Secrets To High-Performing Teams

30 mins
  • HR/DEI
  • Leadership
  • Non-Technical
  • Michelle Howchin

    Senior Director George Technology


Elevate your team’s performance and dive into the three game-changing elements that have propelled the highest-rated colleague team in Asda Technology to unparalleled heights of success. Gain actionable insights that will empower your team to excel in the competitive world of technology.

Gain a solid understanding of the strategies and techniques used to build high-performing teams in the challenging environment of a complex transformation portfolio. Enhance your teams ability to foster effective collaboration between business and technology partners, driving better results and increased efficiency.

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