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Maya Sellon is Inclusive Design and Accessibility Principal Lead in Experience Design at Shell. Over the last 20 years with Shell, Maya has held a variety of roles across design and development, project management and business analysis. Maya has also advised on Digital Standards and been a lead in User Experience. 

In her current Inclusive Design and Accessibility role, Maya brings not only a wealth of knowledge and experience but also a commitment to supporting Shell’s mission to become one of the world’s most inclusive organisations. She is equally passionate about digital accessibility being at the heart of design and technology at Shell.

Maya started out as a Civil Engineer in Georgia (USA), moved to western Japan to work at an Engineering University, before moving to Seattle (USA), to begin her IT adventure. Her digital accessibility journey began over 10 years ago, building a practice to support Shell’s global businesses to ensure their digital products meet the latest WCAG success criteria.

Maya describes herself as a nerdy tech-lover with hobbies including skydiving (she’s on her way to getting certified for solo jumps) and drumming. It’s her life experiences that have made her feel like she was born to work in a field that cared about including everyone, and she believes that accessibility isn’t about rules or technology. It’s about people.

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