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Director - Cloud Technologies


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Kara is a Director in PwC’s Cloud Centre of Excellence, with over 20 years of contact centre, engineering and delivery experience. She specialises in cloud services and evolving technologies and is an advocate for Women in Tech. At PwC, Kara supports contact centre engagements across all industries and sectors and is responsible for creating an award winning team in the Amazon Connect space.

Speaker Sessions


AI Everywhere

30 mins
  • Track - Software
  • AI/ML
  • Product
  • Kara Radcliffe

    Director - Cloud Technologies


The promise of artificial intelligence moves beyond buzzwords and firmly into organisational realities. From intuitive no-code platforms to reshaping the entire retail experience, AI is not just changing the way businesses operate but also how consumers interact with them. Dive deep into the tangible impacts of AI, understanding its profound influence and the opportunities it presents across sectors.

Session Key Takeaways:

  • Democratising AI with No-Code: Dive into how no-code AI platforms empower businesses to craft smarter products and services. Example? Stitch Fix and its AI-curated fashion recommendations
  • Redefining Retail through AI: Explore the trends in contactless shopping and autonomous delivery, and how AI is simplifying payment processes and reshaping consumer experience
  • AI: The Silent Workforce Augmentor: Discover AI’s seamless integration into various job roles, enhancing operational efficiency across sectors

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