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Juliana Araujo

Juliana Araujo

Group Product Manager, Spotify

Meet Juliana, a passionate advocate for people development and inclusion, driven by the belief that collective efforts can shape a revolutionary future. With a fervent commitment to leveraging technology for social equity, Juliana champions a fairer world with opportunities for all.

Having transitioned from a Data Engineer to a Product Lead, Juliana specialises in data and AI platforms, with a focus on building scalable and socially responsible products within interdisciplinary teams. Thriving in environments that prioritise innovation and collaboration, Juliana is dedicated to crafting impactful solutions that address societal challenges.

In March 2021, Juliana embarked on a transformative journey to empower women+ immigrants in their pursuit of tech careers in Sweden, founding the non-profit organisation @Beela.

An esteemed speaker, coach, and guest professor in digital technology programs, Juliana shares insights on Product Management and advocates for diversity and inclusion in LATAM and Europe. Recognised as Mentor of the Year 2021 by Nordic Women in Tech Awards and Role Model National Winner 2022 by #addher, Juliana continues to inspire and uplift others on their professional journeys.