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How Your Data Fuels the Open Internet and Why it Matters

30 mins
  • Track - InfoTech
  • AI/ML
  • Data & Analytics
  • Digital Transformation
  • Ilona Lubojesmska

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Imagine a world, or even a day without the internet. We know we need the internet, but do we really know how it works? A cookieless future, streaming wars and concerns around data, privacy, and freedom of speech are changing the internet as we know it. As daily users of the web, what do we need to know about how the internet works and what the future holds?

This session will explore how data and digital advertising fuel the internet, as we hear from a panel of inspirational women who are helping to shape the future of the open web. Join The Trade Desk’s Ilona Lubojemska as she moderates a discussion about the links between data, advertising, and the internet while reflecting on the path to ensuring a better and more transparent internet for all.

Session Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the Internet’s Backbone: Gain a deep understanding of how data and digital advertising serve as the lifeblood of the internet, enabling the vast array of services we use daily.
  • Future of the Web: Dive into the implications of a cookieless future, the rise of streaming wars, and how concerns over data privacy and freedom of speech are reshaping the digital landscape.
  • The Role of Transparency: Learn about the importance of transparency in digital advertising and the ongoing efforts to create a more open and user-centric web, ensuring that it remains a force for good in society.

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