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Ha Cole

Ha Cole

CTO Tech for Social Impact, MICROSOFT
United States

Meet Ha, a seasoned enterprise architect with a track record of shaping business direction and delivering IT strategies that drive success. With a passion for leveraging innovative technology to solve current business challenges, I thrive on exploring new avenues to propel organisations forward.

Over the past eight years, I’ve held global responsibilities across multiple business domains, collaborating closely with Business and IT leaders to provide strategic guidance. Leading teams of up to ten Solution Architects and Business Analysts, I’ve been instrumental in driving projects to fruition while fostering innovation through supplier collaboration.

Prior to my role as an Enterprise Architect, I gained comprehensive experience across various IT roles, honing my skills throughout the project lifecycle.

Specialising in shaping business direction, crafting IT strategies, and providing insightful guidance to IT programs, I’m dedicated to driving technological innovation and delivering impactful solutions.