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Head of Editorial and Product Insight & Analytics

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Emma is the Head of Editorial and Product Insight & Analytics at the Telegraph Media Group. She leads a team of analytics and data science specialists to understand content performance, review product usage and testing, and build in-house machine learning solutions.

Her focus on aligning metrics to business strategy led to the creation of the STARS aggregate article performance metric which was shortlisted for Best Use of Data Analytics or Research at the 2020 INMA Global Media Awards. She was selected for the 2022 Data IQ Top 100 influential data and analytics practitioners.

Prior to joining the Telegraph, Emma worked in line-of-business and consulting roles with Retail, Financial Services and Gaming organisations.

Speaker Sessions


How to Project Confidence Even When You don’t Feel It

660 mins
  • Track - Workshop
  • Career Development
  • HR/DEI
  • Leadership
  • Emma Wicks

    Head of Editorial and Product Insight & Analytics

    Telegraph Media Group

There’s a big misconception that confidence is a thing you feel, but in reality, confidence is how you act. What counts is if other people THINK you’re confident.

This session will explore how we all often lack feelings of confidence and how to project confidence anyway. Emma Wicks and Tanya Goldhaber, two senior women who have braved every imaginable stressful professional situation and keep being told they’re really confident will cover the difference between perception and reality, how they’ve learned to project gravitas even when they’re dying inside, and how that’s really worked for them professionally. In smaller groups, we’ll share experiences, support each other with individual challenges, discuss techniques we’ve tried and learn how to speak up in a range of situations.

Session Key Takeaways:

  • How to can act confident even if you don’t feel it
  • How to ensure you speak up through preparing in advance
  • How to manage your feelings, if you don’t feel confident and are jealous of people who do, those people probably don’t feel confident either

This session is for you if…you let a lack of confidence stop you in speaking up or going for opportunities.

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