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Anna Brailsford

Anna Brailsford

Chief Executive Officer, Code First Girls

As CEO of Code First Girls and Member of Institute of Coding, Anna Brailsford is on a mission to eliminate the diversity gap in tech by providing free education and employment to women, globally.

Anna has transformed Code First Girls from a social enterprise to a rapidly accelerating profit-making business, including securing Series A funding from female angel investors and a leading investment firm to accelerate the company’s growth and close the gender gap in the traditionally male-dominated tech industry.

Anna has plans to create one million opportunities for women to learn to code and participate in the tech industry in the next five years– providing women with £1bn worth of economic opportunities.

Prior to Code First Girls, Anna was the Commercial Director of both and LinkedIn. When LinkedIn acquired Lynda for $1.5 Billion in April 2015, she became part of the fourth-largest acquisition in social media history and subsequently contributed to the creation of LinkedIn Learning, one of the largest online learning platforms.

Anna is also Advisor to HM Treasury’s Women in Finance Charter.