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Shubhi Rajnish

Chief Information Officer, National Grid

Diana Kennedy

Chief Technical Officer, Bupa

Kanika Chaganty

Chief Data Officer, Brit Insurance

Gursh Mendhir

Head of Innovation & Emerging Products, Virgin Media 02

Theodora Costley-White

Director Of Technology UK & Europe, Taco Bell

Michelle Howchin

Senior Director George Technology, ASDA

Yinka Makinde

Director of Digital Workforce Strategy, NHSX

Sarah Robinson

Engineering Director, Intel

Janine Hirt

Chief Executive Officer, Innovate Finance

Bonnie Adams

Cloud Transformations Director, PwC

Alina Timofeeva

Digital & FSPrincipal (Associate Partner), Oliver Wyman

Sarah Wilson-Carr

Senior Developer, Sky

Snizhana Chaikina

Software Development Manager, Thomas Cook

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