How To Use Retention Metrics To Drive Your Growth Machine

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Session Overview

Retention is important for a business, everyone knows that, but how to tie retention to other parts of the business to get the growth flywheel turning?

Irrespective of the business you are in (B2B/B2C etc.) Retention is a key metric that drives Growth. This session will cover how you connect the Retention Metrics to other parts of the Growth Flywheel – Acquisition and Monetisation, plus some quick tips and tricks around it.

Session Key Takeaways:

  • What are the retention metrics you should measure
  • How to connect them to Acquisition Engine
  • How to use Monetisation to drive Retention and vice-versa

This session is for you if…you work in Product, Marketing, Finance or Analytics, or you are running a company trying to get PMF.

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